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2010-08-16 10:10:07 by CodeAsm

Whatever I post, it mostly dont make any sense.
So to halp you understand this post a bit.

its the last strange one, and hopefully the next one will be a bit of normal.\
Whatever normal is normal. and maybe there will be no new post at all?

btw, did you know that some of my classmates make nice art around here? they make awesome games asswel. Just so they use some of my talents. Posting some news about myself is not my thing. but coding or thinking of great idea's is more like it. No coding skills yet in flash. Whatever is going on in html5 world, ill take a look.

Another waste of your time if you read this.


Reverse order

2010-07-12 09:05:41 by CodeAsm

Sometimes a new way of live gives new ideas for live.
Why cant we load a diferent level when we are not satisified with this level?
Because we actualy can, but dont know how to use the almighty controler.

Dont mind my grammar or bad Engris, its all included in the game.

Ow, you want to read someting interesting? Im going to destroy all the games in my personal collection for Ultimate satisfaction of my Godmode Trainer want-to-have-it-all behavior. I dont play games. I like to break them :D
I like to let games do things they dont suposed to do. Im trying to become a Gamereverseengineer. or something like that.

Mudkip out.

ps. I got that Dvd last weak. NICE ;)

Reverse order

Drop into location 01

2009-11-02 06:01:50 by CodeAsm

Its cycle 0001 and already i'm not working hard, time for GAMEBOY.
So, u know me? or not, anyway im a bit nuts I think. here a nother file on location #0012FC

... <page 0012F>
syntaxt error

... <page 02H3E>
Oops, forgot to tell you this is my first post and I liek strange games/movies and thingys.
so here is my first strange post, see and smell U ltrzz

Drop into location 01